“The Little River” Is a Fine Debut Short Story

In this debut short story, Michael Podhaizer convincingly captures the emotional turmoil of a young boy’s feelings towards his abusive father when the boy suddenly, and realistically, has life-and-death power over his tormentor.

The story opens with two vignettes that establish the characters: the narrator, Richard; his father; and in the background, the rest of the immediate family—Richard’s mother and two sisters. The third section takes the reader to Richard’s critical moment of decision, and then the story doubles back to explore in detail how the situation unfolded, casting further light on the relationship between not only this son and father, but also the dynamics and sequela of abuse.

A well-written and moving first effort.

You can purchase “The Little River” for $0.99 here.

Note: Full disclosure – Michael is my son; that is why this review is posted here, and not on Amazon, where the out-of-guidelines criteria prohibit family members from posting reviews.

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