The 8 Optional Topics in Introduction to eBook Formatting

I’ll be teaching Introduction to eBook Formatting at the University of Chicago’s Graham School of Continuing Liberal and Professional Studies as an elective in their editing program on March 14–16. This course is appropriate for publishing professionals, writers and authors, K–12 and college/university-level educators, homeschoolers, librarians, and document specialists in any line of business. I thought I’d give potential students a taste of the contents by reviewing the main topics in a bit more detail than you’ll find in the syllabus.

I covered the first 5 topics in this post, the second 5 topics in this post, and the final 5 topics in this post. In this final post in the series, I provide more detail on the 8 optional topics that will be elected by majority vote for the last class period.

1. Footnotes and Callouts While it is possible to turn footnotes into endnotes and delete calllouts, there may be good reason for keeping them, in which case, a similar approach may serve both purposes. We’ll look at a way of handling both types of material.

2. Endnotes Linked endnotes may actually mean that more people will see this material with eBooks than in digital editions. For certain genres (e.g., scholarly works), these are essential, so it’s good to know how to work with them.

3. More Image Techniques If this is the choice, I’ll demonstrate screenshots with Grab, optimizing images with ImageOptim, and removing background from an image.

4. Introduction to iBooks Author and Multi-Touch iBooks  – Demo Only iBooks Author works somewhat differently from Pages, and it can be used to make multi-touch (aka enhanced) eBooks. If this is the choice, I’ll provide an overview of the program.

5. Introduction to Book Creator for the iPad – Demo only Book Creator allows you to create books for the iPad on the iPad.

6. Introduction to Read Aloud iBook Creation – Demo only Add narration to your iBook and it will highlight text and read to you.

7. Introduction to EPUB Structure – Demo only What’s inside an EPUB? We’ll open it up and take a look.

8. Exploring Simple Validation Errors – Demo only An introduction to those cryptic messages that the EPUB validator spits out.

Sign Up Here For more information about Introduction to eBook Formatting, offered March 14–16, 2013 at the University of Chicago Graham School at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago, click here.

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